How To Effectively Flirt Your Escort London Date.

Flirting is very important when dating London Escorts, they are indeed necessary to make your night more fun and exciting. Bear in mind that not just because we pay premiums for these girls’ means flirting should be disregarded; in fact, it is the single most effective way to get mutual connections with your date. If you want a steaming hot night with your Escort London date, do not forget to flirt her the best way you can and experience something that is unusual and very pleasurable.

However, not all men know how to flirt London escorts. Some would simply touch them but there are 101 different ways on how to show your affection may it be from non verbal to verbal methods. Read these tips and tricks listed below and discover how to effectively flirt your London Escort without being too obvious.

1. Eye contact – they say that eyes are the window to the soul. In the world of escort dating, eyes are actually more powerful than hands. Staring is the number one trick you can do to flirt with your date. Make some eye contact with her every now and then and let her feel your passion and sensual desires. It is advisable NOT to make prolong eye contact as this becomes intrusive to the London escort.

2. Wink – aside from doing some eye contact, winking should also be employed to be a bit naughty in bed. Right about you start the game, while talking with her, wink her from time to time and make sensual expressions through your tongue. In this way, you are sending across the message of you being totally connected with her. Winking is also done to loosen up a bit, perfect for first time daters and neophytes.

3. Touch – this is the most effective way to flirt Escorts London. A simple touch to her nape will signal electrifying desire. A good point to remember when flirting your date with the use of touch is to start touching her on non sensual parts of the body. You should start touching general body parts like hands, feet, nape, legs, and waist slowly working your way until you reach the goal. The key on sensual touching is to do things very slowly and gentle. Don’t be harsh and get too excited, take your time and savor the moment.

4. Air blowing – this is done by blowing gentle amounts of air into her body parts, just like blowing a candle but more subtle and moderate. Try to blow her starting from the nape down to the knees; this will give climatic sensation to the escort London model making the activity more pleasurable.

5. Give her a massage – this time, do the massage instead of her doing it. Most London Escorts will be surprised with this and rest assured that they will reciprocate what you did three times more intense!

Flirting your escort London model is indeed necessary to make mutual connections with her; this will also lead to a steaming hot night full of intense passion awakening both your desires.